Trust is integral to our culture

Personality – Professionalism – Team spirit

Our team spirit, expert know-how and innovative mindset underpin our ability to weather any storm.


Deon Link has developed its own personality, which permeates positively into all aspects of our performance and results in amicable working relationships with our clients. We are professional, reliable and experienced, sharing an outstanding commitment to serving both local and global customer needs. As a result, we are able to deliver IT services that meet the rigorous requirements of our clients and ensure long-lasting professional bonds.

Customer relations

Short communication channels, clearly defined tasks and everyone on alert! What you experience is a sense of belonging to one team; only your accountant will notice the difference – the things we do well cost you less. We generate tangible value that translates into efficiency gains for your business and a better service for your customers.


What is important? What is right? Distinguishing the important IT developments that benefit your business from the fads and choosing the right innovation from the myriad technologies are key skills that enable us to empower your IT operations. Our offerings range from complex managed IT services to Cloud models.

Share your goal – we'll set the course

Strong infrastructure – Broad knowledge – Vision

The more you tie your corporate processes to in-house IT, the more pressing tasks such as recruitment, training, investment promotion and capital commitment become. The Deon Link team will implement seamless processes to create efficiencies, while freeing up time and internal resources for your strategic planning.


The strong technical skills of the Deon Link team define the cornerstone of our value creation pyramid and drive our ability to deliver customized and intelligent IT solutions to our clients. We have the right mix of IT operations specialists and consultants with years of experience in developing and applying infrastructure and application management solutions, diverse technologies and client-centric, value-adding service layers. We adhere to ITIL guidelines in our service management processes to ensure high levels of efficiency and quality of performance at all stages of our delivery.

Innovation and growth

Whether your organisation is a large multinational whose goal is to improve the efficiency of business processes, a software development business who aims to increase market share through providing a holistic service offering, or a medium-sized enterprise who wishes to gain a competitive edge over larger players, the innovation-driven services of Deon Link will enable you to focus on your growth and meet your targets on time and on budget. You can use the services of Deon Link to free up time and resources for new opportunities while reducing your IT development cycles. Alternatively, you can deploy our skilled team to get to grips with your current IT operations and empower your internal resources to deliver more strategic projects, away from the distraction of the day-to-day operations.


Deon Link provides a broad spectrum of operating systems, databases, web and application servers, network management systems and virtualization technologies. The diversity of the IT components serves one purpose: to meet your requirements in terms of system stability, performance, data protection and cost transparency. Your data are hosted and protected at the location of your choice. No matter whether your enterprise favours an open-source approach or an individually tailored IT solution, Deon Link will place your IT operations on strong foundations.