Managed Hosting

DeonLink delivers complete management and maintenance services that include hardware support and patching, monitoring, storage & backup management, database support and network management.

Application & Web server management

DeonLink operates a wide range of application servers – WebLogic, JBoss, ColdFusion, JRun and Tomcat. We also manage web servers such as Apache and Internet Information Server.

Database management

Our certified specialists can support different types of databases. We have extensive experience with a number of different applications using Oracle SQL databases and with NoSQL databases including Redis and MongoDB. We are, however, also experienced in the management of a number of other systems including legacy databases such as Informix and DB2.

Back up

The daily, weekly and monthly backups in the managed hosting or cloud environments ensure protection against the types of outages that some cloud or managed hosting customers experience. The customers have the assurance that in the case of a platform or server malfunction, their data will be recovered shortly and in compliance with their specified back-up requirements.

Failover and restore services

The high availability and failover cluster services guarantee that the process flow is not affected in the unlikely event of a system component failure. The architecture is designed in such a way that should a physical server or a single VM fail, the downtime for restarting the service is insignificant and customers can continue their activities in production and development, typically without noticing any interruption of service.


DeonLink monitors all virtual machines and collects information about the health of the environment via a complete set of infrastructure and application monitoring tools, including a portal that feeds in real-time monitoring updates. All physical and virtual infrastructure components are monitored to ensure undisrupted IT operations. Access to the monitoring portal can be provided as a separate service.


The physical and virtual infrastructure can be patched on OS, monitoring, database and application level. The customer takes advantage of the latest functionality improvements and security enhancements.

Network Configuration

The DeonLink operations team configures the network to fit any requirements that are application-specific – building VPN channels, network architecture design, etc. All current DeonLink network management solutions are based on Cisco and Juniper.

Internal Firewall Management

A second data security level can be added to the external firewalls, internalizing the communication rules of the virtual servers for the individual customer or the separate organizational units within the enterprise. The internal firewall integration significantly increases the speed of communication between the customer’s virtual servers and blocks the access of any external user of the environment.