Java Development

Our development team provides enterprise solutions to our international clients with extensive skills in the following areas: -

Java J2SE

    Concurrent Programming
    • java.util.concurrent.atomic.*, java.util.concurrent.*, java.nio.*
    • Custom implementations of Concurrent Maps and Concurrent Linked Lists
    • Custom actor framework
    • Small Custom NIO framework (Niolets)
  • Swing
  • Secure sandboxes using byte code modification libraries (ASM), Proxies for Sand-boxing (ASM)
  • Classloaders for application servers

Java J2EE Persistence and Business Logic Tiers

  • ORM (Object Relational Mapping)
  • Hibernate: hibernate (3.5.5-Final), hibernate-commons-annotations (3.2.0.Final),
  • hibernate-jpa-2.0-api (1.0.0.Final), validation-api (1.0.0.GA), hibernate-validator (4.1.0.Final), Ibatis
  • EJB 2.1 and 3.0, Spring 3.0, XML (Sax & Dom), xmlbeans (2.4.0), jaxb, XmlSpy

Java J2EE Presentation Tiers

  • Spring MVC: springframework (3.0.4.RELEASE), spring-security (3.0.3.RELEASE)
  • Servlet (2.5), JSP (2.1), Web Tags: JSTL (1.2), taglibs-string (1.1.0) , displaytag (1.2)
  • Javascript and AJAX: jackson (1.5.6), Yahoo yui (2.8.1) (e.g. DomCollapse,ResizePanel, JSON, Connect), jQuery (1.5)
  • Tiles: tiles.version (2.1.4), Struts (with Validation and Tiles frameworks)
  • CSS, HTML, XML (Sax & Dom), JAXB, XSLT
  • Document: CSV libraries: ostermillerutils (1.07.00), Excel libraries: Apache POI (3.2-FINAL), PDF libraries: iText (2.1.4), fop (1.0), freemarker (2.3.15)

Java J2EE Integration Tiers

  • Spring: spring-integration (2.0.0.RELEASE)(Activators, Transformers, Adaptors, Interceptors, Header Enrichers, Queues, File Handlers, Pollers)
  • JMS: activemq (5.3.0), websphere-mq (
  • Restful Web Services, Web Services (including Axis) , RMI, Corba

Java J2EE Application Servers

  • JBoss, Tomcat, Glassfish, Weblogic, WebSphere, WebSphere MQ

Agile Methodology and Tools

  • Unit Testing (Junit, Easy Mock), Logging (log4j)
  • Build management (ANT and Maven)
  • Continuous Integration (Anthill Pro, Cruise Control, Hudson)
  • Continuous User Acceptance Testing (Fitnesse)
  • Rapid Application Development (Eclipse IDE (Helios) – most used, Netbeans IDE, IntelliJ)
  • Versioning Systems: Subversion (1.6.12), CVS, MKS (2007), Clear Case, Visual Source Safe, Dimensions PVSC Tracker, Tortoise, Perforce
  • Feature Driven Development, Scrum, Kanban. Test Driven development, Extreme Programming,
  • UML: Rational Rose, Star UML