Oracle Maximum Security Architecture

Working with some of the major financial institutions both in Europe and more recently in Kenya, our consultants have been successfully introducing and rolling out Oracle’s Maximum Security Architecture.

Experts in Performance Tuning and Oracle’s Auditing and Firewall products, we can configure your enterprise environment for transferring audit-data on a near real-time basis.

Through the use of Oracle Audit Vault we can deliver a serviced-based enterprise wide solution, across a number of Database technologies, that will quickly and efficiently deliver key compliance information to your organization.

Our security experts implement a strategy that: -

  • Aligns database security policies with information security policies
  • Ensures well-defined and formalized database security procedures
  • Enforces role separation
  • Applies advanced security measures such as database auditing, monitoring, database encryption, data masking, and vulnerability assessment to all critical databases that store private data.
  • Ensures that all critical databases are in-scope
  • And where possible standardize on a single RDBMs solution

The end result is a system that is regularly patched, with effective auditing, managed centrally and highly tuned.