Oracle Licensing Services

With nearly three decades of Oracle licensing experience, Deon Link is uniquely positioned to address specific needs in the most cost-effective way possible. As an Oracle Gold Partner, Deon Link routinely recommends not just the necessary software configurations but licensing and acquisition strategies as well. We help our clients figure out exactly which assets they need (and which aren’t necessary), as well as the best time and way to upgrade. But we don’t stop there: we make sure that our clients have an efficient plan to stay on schedule for upgrades, licensing, and support. Licensing Assessment and Strategic Planning/Packaging

Deon Link specializes in determining the right license strategy for each of its clients. From our experience in structuring Oracle Enterprise License Agreements (ELA), Deon Link provides a multi-year deployment analysis that looks at the overall Oracle product requirements, total cost of ownership (TCO), multi-year support impact, and overall cash flow impact. This model allows our clients to determine the best acquisition strategy for both their immediate and long term Oracle licensing needs. 3rd party license audit review

Managing Oracle licensing is very complex and is ever changing. Deon Link can assist in reviewing your existing Oracle licensing environment against your current usage and or planned requirements. Our experts will provide you with an unbiased assessment and recommendations to maximize your current investments across all environments such as:

  • Disaster Recovery (Active, hot standby, cold DR)
  • Development, Test, QA environments
  • Virtualized Environments
  • Legacy Oracle Licensing (Concurrent Users, Network Licenses, Power Unit Licensing, etc.).

Remote Oracle DBA Support

Deon Link consultants help optimize your database and technology investments, making your system more secure, efficient, and useful. Remote DBA managed services allow you support and optimize your organization’s existing infrastructure while cutting costs and driving return on investment.

By relying on Deon Link's expert team and proven record of success, you can get easy, quick answers to your questions and simple, effective maintenance and upgrades. You can be confident that experts are continuously making sure that your organization’s database infrastructure is functioning continuously and at optimal efficiency. Deon Link’s DBA managed services allow your in-house IT team to focus on your organization’s specific needs and challenges.

Another advantage of Deon Link’s DBA managed services is flexibility: whatever your organization needs at the moment, our experts can supply, making sure you’re never paying for more resources than you need. We offer a variety of database administration services including database installation, reorganization, and sizing; remote monitoring and reporting of metrics; upgrades, migrations and development; training, documentation and research; and general maintenance. Deon Link consulting is a proactive, flexible choice for organizations looking to optimize and secure their database investment while staying flexible and avoiding costly in-house IT specialists.

Strategic Planning and Consulting Services

Strategic planning and advisory services leverage Deon Link’s comprehensive knowledge of Oracle technology products and best practices from decades of customer implementations for our clients. Deon Link’s experts, most of whom are former high-level Oracle Consulting Directors and Architects, are unmatched in their ability to work with a client to determine the best strategy for short and long-term success. By delivering short-term packaged service offerings, Deon Link can help organizations reduce risk and maximize the value of their Oracle investment.

Packaged Service Offerings

  • Architecture Review
    • Scorecard Analysis
    • Recommendations
    • Future State
  • Environment Review
    • Technical assessments
    • Threats and Weakness Analysis
    • Health Recovery Solutions
  • Strategic Roadmap
    • Business Review
    • Requirement Mappings, Key metrics
    • Solutions Blueprint

Architecture Assessment

By focusing on your specific needs, Deon Link Solution’s architecture assessment will closely examine the disparate aspects of your infrastructure, including security, database performance, data integrity and consolidation architecture. We understand that your data is critical to your business operations, and your Deon Link consultants draw upon nearly three decades of Oracle experience to test, plan and validate your processes while evaluating and auditing your backup and recovery strategy. This assessment also ensures that your architecture is up to the challenge of meeting any high availability and capacity needs that may arise, and provides suggestions to make sure your system grows with your organization.

Oracle Environment Review

With over 28 years of Oracle management experience, Deon Link’s consultants have the broad expertise to examine your current Oracle environment from an overarching, holistic perspective. After examining your Oracle Performance Management environment as a whole and evaluating specific needs like applications, business processes, technology and internal support competencies, Deon Link Solutions provides a review that assesses the overall effectiveness of your system. This Oracle environment review serves to educate, build consensus in your organization, and establish a starting point for a long-term Oracle investment strategy for your organization.

Blueprints and Strategic Roadmap Assessments

Leveraging Oracle’s Best Practices

After assessing your organization’s unique needs, your Deon Link support staff will create a blueprint for the future using the latest grid and virtualization capabilities. We will also develop migration strategies and help you plan for the future as your organization’s needs evolve. This customized action plan helps your organization leverage Oracle’s best practices by illustrating special projects, installations, upgrades or migrations that can maximize your efficiency and return on investment.