Virtualization for an expanding horizon

We offer several virtualization platforms so that our clients can select the one that best addresses their needs. Our managed infrastructure solutions are based on VMware and Open Source software for Hypervisor. In addition, DeonLink can provide solutions based on Xen and KVM. Through this diversity of offerings, we are able to supply managed virtual services to companies who want flexibility in the level of managed servicing and a corresponding flexibility in cost. Our offerings suit a broad range of needs and uses for virtualization, from managing critical enterprise applications to providing a development platform for testing purposes.

We select the proper virtualization platform after conducting an analysis of the customer’s goals, IT structure and personnel needs.

Oracle Database Virtualization

With the introduction of the vFabric Data Director and the vCloud Automation Centre, Deonlink's Oracle Services team are able to deliver a best of breed Database as a Service solution to most companies who are already embracing the VMware virtualization product stack. With their extensive knowledge of data ingestion and replication, the Team will consolidate, rationalize and virtualize your production database landscape and prepare a fully automated, multi-phase test and development infrastructure with seamless backup and refresh capabilities.